19 in Under the Never Sky, 19 and/or 20 in Through The Ever Night, 20 in Into The Still Blue


Under The Never Sky, Through The Ever Night, and Into The Still Blue

Love Interest:



Perry, Cinder, and Aria









Roar is the best friend of Peregrine, and they are described as practically brothers. He is also in love with Peregrine's sister, Liv

Under The Never Sky:Edit

Roar isn't seen much until a little after halfway through the book. Perry scents him when with Aria around a campfire. That is when he is first introduced and when he first met Aria. When Perry tracks him down it is said that Roar was looking for Liv, because she ran away after heading to the Horns to forcefully marry Sable in exchange for food for the Tides. In the first book he also teaches Aria how to use a knife. When Perry, Aria, and Roar leave Delphi, Roar hurts his leg after fighting a pack of Croven(cannibals). At the end of Under The Never Sky, Aria asks him to bring a violet to Perry when he arrives back at the Tides.


Roar is friendly and he is kind. He helps Perry and Aria when the Croven are chasing after them. He jokes around a lot and is normally good natured. From Perry's perspective, he is better with words than Perry. Roar has a laid back, cool attitude and is always joking around. He is fiercly protective of those he cares about and on multiple occasions risks his own life to help them.


Roar is described as very handsome. Aria describes him as having a "lean build and sharp features." He has dark hair and brown eyes. When Aria first meets him, he is wearing fitted black clothes that go from head to toe without frayed edges or holes.


Liv - Roar says that he has had a crush on Liv forever. The two worked well together and Liv returned Roar's feelings. They laughed together and had lots of fun. 

Peregrine - Roar and Perry are best friends and have been best friends since they met when Roar was eight and Perry was seven. Roar, Liv, and Perry also hung out as a group a lot when they were younger teenagers. 

Aria - Roar hasn't known Aria for long but when they met Aria liked Roar right away, and vice versa. Aria once said to Perry that Roar was very handsome and she could like him as more than a friend, but it was just meant to be a joke to stop Perry's daydreaming.