Under The Never Sky

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Perry and Liv



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Vale was Perry's brother, and the Blood Lord of the Tides before Perry killed him. Vale was also Talon's father, and Mila's husband.

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Vale seems harsh and quite cruel. He sold away his sister, Liv, in exchange for food. He also gave his son, Talon, to the Dwellers for food. But in doing this, he shows that he was very loyal to his tribe and would most certainly do anything to keep them well-fed.

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Death Edit

When Perry comes back to the Tides tribe, he proves to everyone else that Vale lied to them about many things, and that he sold Clara, Brooke's sister, away for food. The tribe basically turns against him, and he and Perry have a fight.

Relationships Edit

Talon Edit

In the beginning of Under The Never Sky, it seems that Vale and his son have a good relationship, even if it might not be the healthiest. However, when Vale refuses to go look for Talon, it appears that he cares more for his tribe than his son. Later, when Perry goes to the realms, Talon tells him he has seen Vale, and he isn't lying. Perry believes that this was because Vale was concerned for his son after all.

When Perry is preparing to kill Vale in order to become Blood Lord of the Tides Tribe, he realizes that Talon wasn't stolen by the Dwellers, Vale made a deal with the Dwellers in which he would give them Talon in exchange for food, and perhaps other things. Right before his death, Vale also expresses jealousy towards Perry, saying that Talon always liked him better.

Perry Edit

Vale and Perry, it seems, never got along too well. There was a slight tension between them because one of them would end up being Blood Lord.